Returning rental keys: how to get them and other alternatives

Rental apartments


May 4, 2022

Getting keys back for a rental is one of the biggest obstacles in owning a tourist apartment. You may not be available when your guests leave. Fortunately, there are solutions.

An end to tourist rentals and key returns

In a rental agreement, a document is usually signed at the end of the lease specifying that the relationship between the parties has ended and there are no complaints. Signing off and delivering the keys to the property is done in a single act.

With tourist rentals, it's most common for the keys to be handed over without an agreement. No document is signed confirming the end of the contractual relationship. We can see that this would entail risk since the guest could return and claim they have the right to stay at the property for signing a contract before then.

To avoid this, the rental agreement must clearly specify the date of arrival and departure. If any problems come up, we can prove that the contractual relationship ended on a certain date.

As for returning the keys, the easiest thing to do is to use a system that ensures that neither the tenant nor the landlord will be wasting their time.

Alternatives to make returning keys more secure

1. Choosing someone you trust

Many landlords tell their guests to leave the key with the doorman, in a mailbox or somewhere else, or with a trusted person. However, this can be risky. In the end, the key is going through so many different hands and can get lost. In fact, someone with bad intentions could watch what happens every time the property is empty and try to get hold of the key.

2. Lockbox

In some tourist houses, a lockbox with the key is installed next to the door. The code is provided to the tenant so that they can get the key upon arrival and leave it again when they leave. But there's still the risk of someone else getting hold of the keys.

3. Smart locks

A good alternative for quick, safe rental key return is to use smart locks. They work with software that can be managed on a cell phone.

For each reservation, the system generates a link that the landlord sends to their tenant. With it, visitors who are staying to enjoy their holidays can come and go with complete peace of mind. They can open both the door to the building and the apartment just by making a missed call.

Once the contract expires, the link stops working, so the tenant can no longer access the property. So they don't have to worry about turning in the keys. They just close the door and leave.

This option is so simple and efficient that it's already commonly used in offices and co-working spaces.

Thanks to technology, returning rental keys is simple, safe, and quick. Why not take full advantage of it?