10 benefits of a smart lock for your house, office and business

Smart Locks


May 4, 2023

With the increasing popularity of fully smart homes, many might consider to also invest in a smart lock for their house. These smart lock systems often come with a mobile key. With this, the owner can manage the key system in real time, from anywhere!

But it’s not only for homes but for offices and businesses too.

The management of the office or site will administer the keys centrally and digitally. They will have full control over who has access to which spaces of the property, and to whom they are assigned.


Forget missing keys. With a smart lock system, you don’t have to stress over losing them. No need to duplicate extra keys for more family members too, you just create unique lock codes for each member of the family, or user if it’s an office space or something like that.

Remote control

To be able to control the safety of you house, office or business is a game changer. Imagine you can control everything from your phone, from wherever you are. For most smart lock systems one can also unlock and lock the door remotely, without using a digital key at the door.

That makes it easier to let craftsmen or visitors in.


Another superb feature of smart locks is that many of them offer warnings and notifications directly to your smartphone. Let’s say you forgot to lock the door, the system can be set to give you an alert for that. That can be beneficial if you have kids and want to have a little extra control.

Less cost

To make the move to mobile keyless entry will require an investment at the time. But after that it will simply save money for a company. Less time giving out keys etc., and no problems with issuing new keys.


Today the need for security in homes and offices is greater than ever before. That also makes it more important to find the right lock. Smart locks are here to stay and they are packed with benefits to serve the needs of both home and business owners. Digital locks gives another level of convenience and customization that can’t be had with traditional accessing systems.

Helpful systems

You know that annoying moment when you search for keys in your handbag or pockets, maybe even holding some huge bags from earlier grocery shopping? Forget those stresses now. There are other ways to open your door, with digital solutions.

Let people in remotely

Maybe a relative or a friend showed up earlier than expected, or you have a vendor visiting your business? With digital keys you can send an E-key to those who need access, from anywhere.

Better security

The old type of locks can easily be cracked or picked by burglars. But with a smart lock installed the keyless entry will make it harder since they can’t crack it with a hammer or anything. Another of the benefits is the ability to lock and unlock using an application. Meaning you could be on vacation in Spain but still able to make it secure while you are away.

Fits every door

The good thing is a smart lock suits any door. You can even use it for other spaces in your house such as a gun room or wine cabinet. Maybe you just don’t want the kids to enter somewhere, with a digital system you can protect those areas.

One of the best ways to secure a house, office or business today is with a smart lock. It gives an all over, seamless control. And it saves time. So, if you are still doubting, think about the fact that time is money.