8 reasons to choose self check-in for your Airbnb

Vacation Rental


February 14, 2024

Imagine a long trip, with a delayed flight and a missing bag. You arrive in the middle of the night instead of in the afternoon. On top of that, you realize that you forgot to notify your Airbnb host that you will be late. Now, you’re trying to reach your host, worried about not getting hold of them but also about waking them up.

By having self check-in, all this stress can be avoided, which is why it can be one of the decisive factors for a guest in choosing where to stay.

Guests want self check-in

This is one of the strongest reasons to choose self check-in. In this way, you give your guest a smooth welcome. In principle, all surveys show that most guests want this free method of check-in. The fact that the hosts then adapt their routines to satisfy their guests’ wishes makes the accommodation more attractive.

Reduced risk of infection

As an Airbnb host, you have probably already taken several steps to reduce the risk of spread of infection. But in addition to changed cleaning routines, the check-in phase is one of the most critical. By reducing unnecessary contact between people, you reduce the risk of spreading infections of various kinds. In addition, it can be another reason for a guest to choose you.

Stress free check-in

If you offer more than one accommodation with the same check-in time, there may be delays or too many people in a small area. But a frictionless arrival can make for a good first impression. In most cases, when a guest arrives at a holiday home, they have been travelling, often a long way, which we all know can be exhausting. So, to be able to check in directly and kick off your shoes and crash on the bed (or maybe in the pool)… That’s a luxury appreciated by most.

Self check-in is environmentally friendly

Something you may not think about in the first place, but which can have a great impact in the long run, is how environmentally efficient self-check-in is. With digital keys, the use of both plastic cards and keys is minimized. This, in turn, reduces the stress on our planet. In addition, it can be a good way to market the business as more and more travellers become environmentally conscious and think from a sustainability perspective.

Save money and time

If guests can manage their own check-in, they save on resources and time spent on administration. Especially during check-in, but also in the form of saved time when you do not have to deal with lost or demagnetized key cards. As a host, you simply get a bit more freedom.

Manage your business remotely

Self check-in can be offered through a completely digital solution, which means that the host does not have to be at the facility when the guest arrives. This can be extra convenient for smaller businesses that do not have staff on site around the clock.

Less time pressure

Self-check-in means less time pressure for the guest who can arrive at the accommodation when it suits them, instead of adapting to strict check-in rules and times. That way, the groundwork for a positive experience is already lain.

With focus on the guest

If you choose to have an automated check-in process, there is less administrative work and less maintenance work. You can choose to use that time to give the guest that little bit extra to increase the positive experience even more. Even the smallest extra care could make the guest choose to return.

There are only upsides to choosing self-check-in. Simpler procedure, reduced environmental impact, fewer expenses and reduced stress for both guest and host. Saving both time and money and at the same time improving the guest experience is a winning concept.