How to choose the right access control system? Guide 2023

Vacation Rental


October 31, 2022

It won't take long before people will want to have everything on their phones, to be able to control locking systems is one of those things. In the future of rental safety, it will be important to choose the right access control system.

The interest for digital locking systems and mobile keys is growing now, and housing companies have started to realise the efficiency opportunities. The tenants and guests can do more and more everyday functions on their smartphones.

The keys will soon be in the guests phones

When it comes to contract writing, it has been possible to do it digitally for a long time. Key management though, is part of the administration that has been very difficult to make completely digital. There has been many obstacles, such as finding a solution if the phone with the key gets lost.

But lately new technology has paved the way for a fully digital solution where the key is downloaded and used through the smartphone.

How does it work?

Let's try to explain how a digital access control system works. For mobile keys it works so that the host of the property can send a digital key. The guest will then download it on their phone through an app. It's important here that they download the key immediately and correctly. If not, there is the risk that the guest arrives in another country and will not have Wi-Fi when it is time to check in.
Once at the door, the guest opens the app or the downloaded key, holds the phone to the reader by the door and opens it.

Is it safe and stable?

The host can manage the key system in real time since the keys are administered centrally and digitally. That makes it possible to fully integrate it into a digital rental process.

This way the rental companies or the host will have a seamless and good overview.
The host will have full control over which keys provide access to which spaces of the property, and also to whom they are assigned.
Let's say someone want to book a gym, then it is easy for a host/landlord to assign access for that specific key and for a certain time.

Other benefits

  • A digital key cannot be copied – if the phone is lost, it's easy to deactivate the key
  • More things, such as banking, payments, invoicing etc., have moved into the smartphone, now the key can do it too
  • There is one less thing that you need to have control over – physical keys
  • Keys are assigned without guests and hosts having to meet, which is good in pandemics, and at other times too.

To hand over the keys on arrival, and take them back when guests leave are some of the most time-consuming tasks. Therefor a system where you can reduce operating costs, speed up the check-in process and simplify it, can also give you better customer reviews.

This should have given you an idea of how to choose the right access control system.

We all like improvements, especially the ones that benefit both the hosts/landlords and the guests. Everyone wins!